Melbourne RestaurantsOne of the best parts of vacation is getting to go to new places to have good meal. When traveling internationally, you even get to try unique cuisines, perhaps that you’ve never even had the pleasure of tasting before. Have you ever taken a trip to Melbourne, Australia? If not, you’re in for a good treat when it comes to Melbourne restaurants, and here are some of them you should try.

According to Trip Advisor, The Dove III is the top rated restaurant in Melbourne, which has 349 different restaurants to choose from. Since this restaurant is such a big hit, you can bet there are going to be some unique and interesting entrees to try. What kind of food are you thinking you’re going to get to eat with a name like The Dove III? It’s Italian food at its finest, authentic Italian cuisine, and your mouth is going to water!

The second best restaurant according to the reviews on Trip Advisor is Otjundu’s. The third restaurant is Oh Biscuit! Can you imagine that as the name of a popular restaurant. The place just sounds like it would be tons of fun. Rounding out the top five is Meg O Malley’s Restaurant & Irish Pub and Bonzai Sushi and Thai Restaurant.

While you may not be one that likes Sushi, and you may not be thinking you want to visit each of these top five restaurants, there is bound to be at least one that would be your favorite. And then, there are the rest of the top restaurants in Melbourne to choose from like Burger Inn, which is ranked #6, falling just short of being in the top five Melbourne restaurants.

Open Mike’s sounds like a fun time, considering the play on words for the name of the restaurant. And then, Friendly Toast Cafe 2, Thai Hana, and The Bald Strawberry! Okay, now that is another odd name, and with a name like that, how can you stay away? I want to go in there just to see what’s going on!

Smokey Bones and El Ambia Cubano are two other restaurants offering some of the finest food in the city of Melbourne. Wherever you plan to go, to choose a restaurant in Melbourne is anything but boring, and there are plenty of great choices, a melting pot of cultured cuisines.

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